Santa may be the exception to the rule

stripes127.jpgIs it true that fat people are jolly? This past weekend, my wife answered the question with a resounding no. She stated that she was tired of my negative attitude. She offered a diagnosis of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). After some reflection, I realized it wasn’t SAD. It wasn’t the local Bobby Cutts’ trial that was making me crazy. It wasn’t even the seven different women he was sleeping with that drove me over the edge. I couldn’t even blame my misery on Hilary’s slide in recent hillary-clinton.jpgpolls. It was me and I was driving my wife crazy.

What I realized is that I wasn’t happy. As I stated in my previous post, I am overweight and I am obsessed with losing weight. Business and the bottom line are suffering because I can’t see my toes (or anything else) in the shower. Bad customer service is to blame.

Many local businesses have started to take an interest in their employee’s health and I applaud them. I read this in an article in my local newspaper, The Canton Repository. They are trying to reestablish some semblance of what used be known as the Canton Corporate Cup. Businesses competed against one another and offered rewards to employees for their contributions. This was a great idea. Do healthier employees make better employees? Therefore, do better employees provide better customer service? It is a philosophical question with, no doubt, a growing amount of research. I think it makes sense that businesses strive to provide fitness incentives for their employees. Since the workplace is like a second family, shouldn’t we all want the best for one another? We don’t want our sugar high kids embarrassing us in the mall. We also shouldn’t want our employees pushing their anxieties onto customers.

In my case, I have avoided therapy and another expensive prescription. I need to cut down on the pizza, chocolate, and chips. My best clients, my wife and kids, will be so happy. As I head into my first Weight Watcher’s weigh in, I call on my internal Sergeant Hulka to stick his big toe in another body part not visible in the shower.


4 Responses to Santa may be the exception to the rule

  1. Bill Sledzik says:

    Encouraging the health of employees is becoming a more prominent story on the American business scene. And it goes beyond fitness challenges to what can only be called a fitness imperative in which companies pressure their employees to lose weight, quit smoking, etc.

    Some see these programs as invasion of privacy. Others see them as good news for a population that is dangerously unfit.

    You and your readers might find this post about another Ohio company of interest.

  2. Ben Langdon says:

    Some businesses are starting to add gym memberships to their health care plans for employees.

    I believe that people who exercise tend to be happier and more approachable. Working at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center on campus, I am always surrounded by exercise at work. We have one of the most highly regarded staffs on campus. Maybe it has to do with the active staff and surroundings?

  3. Ashley Reuschling says:

    A lot of companies are now encouraging their employees and their families to live healthier lifestyles. Companies are paying for employees to have gym memberships and offering advice on weight loss, quiting smoking, even psychological issues through the help of their health plans. I do believe healthier employees are happier employees and when we are happier we can provide better service and better suit the needs of our customers. Also if our family is healthy then we miss less work having to take care of a sick child or spouse.

    I’m glad companies are getting on board with this idea, I believe it’s a good one. But, not all employees are getting on board. I mean do you really want your employer dictating your lifestyle outside of the office? I’m sure many people don’t and when they leave work they want to do their thing, not go to the gym so they can better their work. Because lets face it the companies aren’t providing these services out of the kindness of their hearts. They know better health equals better business.

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