My Bar

dumbells.jpgdumbells.jpgWhen you are trying to lose weight, many experts will tell you to eat six smaller meals per day.  That was easier said than done until the creation of protein bars. Now, these bars, varying in flavors from cardboard to candy bar, can be found in any drug store or super market.  They have their own row. One bar you won’t find on these shelves is the You Bar.


Californians, Ava Bise, and her son, Anthony Flynn, are mixing a little technology and lots of old fashioned customer service to promote their protein bars.  According to a recent New York Times article, the two began dabbling in the protein bar business ten years ago.  Back then, they were their only customers.  Although the two don’t like to share specific information about sales, they did say sales have doubled each of the last eight months. 

You Bar customers are able to customize bars to fit their tastes.  I visited the site and was amazed.  I could pick ingredients from a list and then calculate my bar’s nutritional information.    I have eaten my fair share of protein bars and some of them taste like a combination of cardboard, chalk, and chocolate.  With each bite, I recalled my mother saying, “You ordered it. You eat it!”  That’s not the case here.  If you order the bars and don’t like them, you can send them back to You Bar.  Then you can go back to the drawing board to alter the ingredients.

Take Flynn’s business and Internet skills, add those to Bise’s earnest approach to customer satisfaction, and you have your bar, the You Bar.  For a price comparable to major brands, it may be well worth the effort.dumbells.jpgdumbells.jpg


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