What’s wrong with exercise?

As consumers, when are we going to stop listening and start doing?  A recent study of  Vytorin proved the drug had absolutely no effect on cholesterol levels. According to an article posted on Newsday’s web site, many leading doctors urged their peers to revert back to “older, tried-and-true treatments for high cholesterol.”  Does this suggest doctors will begin telling their patients to eat right and exercise?  


“People need to turn back to statins,” said Yale University cardiologist Dr. Harlan Krumholz, referring to Lipitor, Crestor and other widely used brands. “We know that statins are good drugs. We know that they reduce risks.”j04096602.jpgj04096602.jpgj04096602.jpgj04096602.jpg


Okay, I am convinced that not everyone who is diagnosed with high cholesterol is overweight.  However, do these drugs benefit us more than they hurt us?  When are we going to stand up and start running? When are we going to stop eating meat injected with more juice than Barry Bonds (allegedly)? This fatso is tired of the pills and the doctors who prescribe them.  These drug companies start where the oil companies end. Every time they fire a drug onto the shelves at your local Walgreens without proper testing, they are in essence bellowing one of my favorite new acronyms, BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again).


This Vytorin drug arrived on the market in 2004.  It promised to lower cholesterol. Now, it sounds like snake oil. But, even snake oil couldn’t potentially cause muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness with fever or flu symptoms and dark colored urine; decreased urine or rust-colored urine; or blurred vision. Let’s not overlook some less serious side effects such as stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea; cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose; tiredness; headache; skin rash or itching; joint pain, back pain; and insomnia.


What do fruits, vegetables, and 30 minutes on the elliptical cause?  I forecast no negative side effects, except maybe sore muscles and a more regular schedule.


So, after the oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, and over prescribing doctors are done with us, who is next?  Wait a minute. I think Time Warner Cable just added the BOHICA channel.


3 Responses to What’s wrong with exercise?

  1. jonathan says:

    there’s no wrong with exercise..
    though it might be boring but it can provide better result than medicines.. 🙂

  2. Brianna Olesh says:

    I have never quite understood the phenomenon in “wonder pills, special drinks or crash diets.” Every time I see a commercial advertising any of these things I choose to ignore them. This realization about Vytorin does not surprise me at all. While I may not be the one to exercise every day I do agree that there is nothing wrong with it, and there are no crazy side effects. If people want to take a pill everyday, take a vitamin. If they want to be healthier walk across campus a few times, or go to the gym.

  3. Jess says:

    There are loads of issues with our pill-popping nation, but I think there are two problems that stand out to me the most.

    As you pointed out, there are too many new drugs crammed onto the shelves these days, and our “fix-it-right-now” culture loves it. Today, the motto of the FDA seems to be “well boys, it didn’t kill THAT many people in the trials…”

    Second, the ads for these drugs are creating a massive influx of self-diagnosed “patients” with “problems.” But hey, with ads that claim “fatigue and flatulence” as serious symptoms, who doesn’t need a prescription or two?

    I work at a medical office in Buffalo, NY and people will bust through the doors demanding their prescriptions. They even ask me (a secretary) to just write a script for them so they don’t have to waste their time with a doctor.

    PS: BOHICA…hilarious

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