Ruling doesn’t suit German swimmers

I am so tired of hearing about athletes gaining an unfair advantage.  The entire winter was dominated by Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Capitol Hill. Not too long ago, I anticipated trades and acquisitions.  Who would my beloved Yankees add to the roster? 


Now, the Germans are upset because they can’t wear their Speedo LZR Racer swimsuits. It seems the suit offers an unfair advantage.  Swimmers wearing the suit have only broken 22 world records since it was introduced in February.  I guess you can call that an unfair advantage, but who cares?  Let them wear the suit at this year’s Olympics. No one took John Belushi’s “Little Chocolate Donuts” away after he shattered world records in the decathlon.


Look, I swam in high school and had to sport the traditional Speedo swimsuit.  You know the one.  George Castanza (You remember the Hamptons) would have cringed at the thought of popping out of the pool after a race in that suit.  Nothing can scar a young swimmer more than putting your “shrinkage” on display in front of female swimmers and fans. I swam faster, so I could put my warm-ups sooner.


Of course the real problem here isn’t the suit.  The problem is money.  The German swim federation can not break its deal with Adidas, which runs through 2009. German swimmers are now devastated.  According to a Yahoo article, German Coach, Orjan Madsen, said the swimmers are now psychologically damaged.  They will not be able to perform as well as they could with the suit.


Once again, big business and special interest are ruining the true spirit of competition. Believe me – I think it’s great that the federation can sign a $6.2 million deal with Adidas, but who really benefits?  The swimmers are amateurs.  They are not making money to swim.  The Olympics was one of the only competitive arenas not tainted by big money contracts.  I guess that arena is shrinking!



2 Responses to Ruling doesn’t suit German swimmers

  1. Brittany Kropp says:

    I think that what the swimmers are told they cannot wear should not effect the way they swim in a competition. I’m sure there is some other speedo similar to what they would like to waer, or that adidas has another design they could give the team. The olympics should not be over run by sponsors for teams or all the brands that want to have their name out there.

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