How fit is my blog?

April 30, 2008

I am starting to view the practice of blogging, as I view exercise.  It’s not that much fun at first, but in the long run, it offers great rewards. Thinking back to my first post, it actually sucked. However, once I became accustomed to sitting down and executing, I found myself and my voice. Like running, I actually enjoy the challenge of blogging.


Okay, so I enjoy it. But how fit is my blog?  My blog has an audience of about zero. So what? How many people actually remark about my workouts?  No one approaches me at the gym to say, “Hey, I saw you on the treadmill. You really ripped it up!”


Blogging is good for me. Who doesn’t care about the way they write? Well, that’s probably not a concern for many, but I do care. I have to write at work. I should be on the top of my game.  Although there may be a few mistakes here and there, I feel that my nine previous posts have sharpened my skills, and more importantly, increased my attention to detail.


Can I coin the term – “Blogger’s Euphoria?” After I run about two miles, runner’s euphoria sets in. I’m in the zone for the last mile or two and run with ease. After my run, the euphoric feeling continues until I encounter life’s next challenge. Blogging gives me that same feeling. Sometimes, it is tough to get started, but once I am rolling, I am in this writing zone. After careful examination, I can finally click the “publish” button and there it is – my blog post.


Making friends is great. I make friends at the gym. Why not make friends on the Internet?  I can link to anyone and sometimes catch a comment.  Linking is probably my favorite part of blogging. I actually conceived this post from Seth Godin’s blog post – “Write Like a Blogger.” Check it out. Godin gives nine blog (fitness) tips. Go ahead. Click that. According to Godin (Tip #4), you will come back if you think I am interesting.  And if you aren’t interested in what I have to say, don’t sweat. I will still be here.  I may change the name of this blog, which was originally named for a graduate course in public relations. However, I will be here – bench pressing blog ideas and running with them.